AIMS-Stellenbosch University Number Theory Conference 19-23 January 2015

This conference will be hosted at AIMS South Africa and the goal of this conference is to give a broad perspective of areas of modern number theory and to highlight some recent advances. This conference is one of the biennial Number Theory meetings which has been held at Stellenbosch University since 1997. (Recent conferences).

It is planned that leading international specialists, local academics and graduate students will attend.



  • Prof Barry Green (AIMS South Africa),
  • Prof Peter Sarnak (Institute for Advanced Study Princeton)
  • Prof Florian Breuer (Stellenbosch University)

 Confirmed Delegates:

  • Prof Jayadev Athreya
  • Prof Terence Blackman
  • Prof Enrico Bombieri
  • Dr Filip Cools
  • Prof Chandan Dalawat
  • Dr Kenneth Hughes
  • Prof Moshe Jarden
  • Prof Nick Katz
  • Dr Arnold Keet
  • Prof Florian Luca
  • Prof Amilcar Pacheco
  • Prof Ravi Ramakrishna
  • Dr Gerard Razafiminantsoa
  • Dr Aharon Razon
  • Prof Hans-Georg Ruck
  • Dr Amadou Tall
  • Prof Dinesh Thakur
  • Prof Yuri Tschinkel

Venue: AIMS South Africa, 6 Melrose Road, Muizenberg 7945


Registration is free. Please complete the online registration form.



Accommodation will be arranged for all invited participants. Delegates requiring accommodation can contact the establishments listed below to arrange bookings.



Bed and Breakfast

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Support from Centre of Excellence in the Mathematical and Statistical Sciences  at WITS (COE-MaSS)